Model sues restaurant after rock in salad allegedly damaged her career

Model Sues Restaurant After Meal Damaged Her Career
Model Sues Restaurant After Meal Damaged Her Career

A Manhattan model thought she was helping her career when she ordered a salad for dinner, but it ended up being one of the worst decisions she could've made.

Carolina Rommel says in October of 2011, she bit into a small rock while eating a lentil salad. It cracked two teeth and caused her face to bloat.

Since then she's been through numerous painful procedures and lost out on modeling jobs. The restaurant, Public, reportedly promised compensation, but so far she's received nothing.

Now she's getting serious. Rommel recently filed a million-dollar lawsuit against the eatery, seeking unspecified damages.

Looking at her Instagram, it doesn't seem like her career has suffered much.

The restaurant's owner questions the 2011 incident, saying it's unclear if she bit into a rock or a really hard lentil.

But it's not entirely crazy that an unwanted ingredient ended up in a New York salad: A customer at Pret A Manger came across a dead frog in her salad one afternoon last December. And another woman in Manhattan says she bought a kale salad from Guy & Gallard and found a lizard's head!!

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