Miley, Nicki or J.Lo -- Who's the most outrageous performer?

Miley, Nicki or J.Lo -- Who's the most outrageous performer?


Miley Cyrus stirred up a massive amount of controversy with her scandalous MTV Video Music Awards performance last year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the FCC was flooded with complaints, but that hasn't stopped Miley from riding the publicity wave all the way through 2014 with her Bangerz tour.

In fact, the level of hostility and criticism she has received from mothers with too much time on their hands has actually been superseded by love from fellow artists. Barbra Streisand recently told People Magazine about her appreciation for Miley Cyrus. "Her look is kind of wonderful," Babs explained.

Other celebrities might not be as quick to give credit to the former Disney star (and by no means is she the pioneer of shocking musical performances), but her recent antics have undoubtedly provoked a slew of other pop stars to flaunt their scandalous personas.

Nicki Minaj has been showing off her 'assets' since her first mixtape was released in 2007, but her latest single 'Anaconda' left little to the imagination with it's revealing cover art and subsequent racy performances. Critics responded harshly to the display of her 'perfect posterior,' and Minaj responded with an even more powerful message about hypocrisy.

CBS edited out a huge chunk of her Fashion Rocks performance on TV this September, and her 2014 MTV VMAs routine was reportedly filmed in a strategic manner to focus on her upper body, according to the New York Post. Minaj was quick to fire back at the censorship, blasting the networks and arguing for creativity and self-expression in manner eerily reminiscent of Miley circa 2013.

To be fair, Minaj is not new to the music scene or booty-shaking performances. And neither is Jennifer Lopez. But the voracity of J.Lo's latest artistic endeavor proves that she's taking a leaf out of Miley's book. Her new music video 'Booty' has been deemed her raciest yet and has been the recipient of acrid criticism and seedy remarks online.

Lopez is possibly the original derriere deity; We've all heard stories about the $27M insurance policy on her behind (although she denies the rumors). She has never shied away from showing off her curves, but this may be the first time that J.Lo's suggestive nature has bordered on smutty. According to TMZ, her latest album and recent risque performances signal a comeback for the star. Maybe so -- but as far as her new image goes, she has done nothing more than jump on the booty bandwagon.

While no one can seriously claim that Cyrus laid the initial groundwork for this trend of sexually bizarre musical performances, she has definitely made them completely mainstream and almost expected. Of course, that doesn't mean she has perfected them.

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