Incredible photos capture deer unexpectedly crashing wedding

Unexpected Wedding Crashers Resulted In Amazing Photos
Unexpected Wedding Crashers Resulted In Amazing Photos

When you're getting married you always risk having wedding crashers but some are easier to spot than others. Last weekend one couple had about a dozen surprise guests walk in to their reception in New Jersey.

This photo was posted to, (where else?) Reddit and naturally was viewed millions of times in just 24 hours.

The photographer, Ian Christmann, explained how it all went down on this site. "I photographed a backyard wedding in Stockton NJ last weekend and we were surprised by a herd of deer that appeared at the edge of the woods during the dinner." he said. "I grabbed the bride and groom while they were eating their meal to see if we could get a photo or two near the group. What i didn't expect was that we were able to get so close!"

Close is putting it mildly. Christmann managed to get several shots of the bride & groom with a whole family of deer.