How 'Big Bang Theory' premiere addressed Kaley Cuoco's big haircut

Watch How 'Big Bang Theory' Premiere Addressed Kaley Cuoco's Big Haircut
Watch How 'Big Bang Theory' Premiere Addressed Kaley Cuoco's Big Haircut

The season premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory' meant the premiere of Penny's ... er, we mean Kaley Cuoco's ... new, short hairdo. So, how did the show handle it?

Penny: "Hey! Look who's back!"
Sheldon: "Your hair is different. You changed your hair. I can't take this. I'm out."

EW says Sheldon "basically speaks for all of the audience" with his hair hate, though it turns out Sheldon was the only character who wasn't a fan of Penny's new 'do.

Cuoco, 28, traded her long blonde locks for a pixie cut back in June, and "Big Bang" fans almost immediately started speculating about how the show would handle the big change.

Cuoco originally asked producers for permission to cut just a few inches off but ultimately went even shorter with their blessing.

On 'Ellen,' Cuoco said: "I think they thought I was going to cut it to here, which I did, and then it kept going to here, and it got shorter and shorter."

The premiere also saw Penny apply for a new, non-actress job. IGN dug the more mature Penny.

We're excited for the new season of 'Big Bang Theory'... but let's just hope that 'do doesn't get as much backlash as another infamous TV haircut.

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