British woman baffled by mysterious weed

British Woman Baffled By Mysterious Weed
British Woman Baffled By Mysterious Weed

A British woman called the BBC for help identifying a mysterious weed. She not only learned what it is, but also that she's breaking the law by having it.

Patricia Hewitson noticed a strange weed growing in her garden underneath a bird-feeder, but even her husband, who studied Botany, had no idea what the plant could be.

However, the hosts of BBC Radio Devon's gardening program "The Potting Shed" knew exactly what it was. Cannabis.

Apparently the bird feeder contained cannabis seeds, which actually isn't too uncommon. At the recommendation of the police, Hewitson removed the plant, cut it up into smaller sections, and composted it.

But since disposing of the cannabis, she's having second thoughts. She told SWNS the plants is "possibly a source for a pension income."

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