What do you know about Robert Pattinson's new girlfriend?

Meet Rob's New Lady Via Instagram


Looks like our favorite 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson has finally sidled up to a new beau. The 28-year-old actor was seen ambling though Venice Beach, California with UK singer-songwriter FKA Twigs this weekend. A nearby fan was able to capture the pair causally holding hands and getting close with her camera, and posted the photos to her Instagram account.

But these photos are definitely not enough. You may be used to seeing our pale-faced Pattinson on screen, but how much do you really know about his new love interest?

The 26-year-old was born as Tahliah Barnett in Gloucestershire, England to a Jamaican father and Spanish mother. Growing up in the relatively quiet and rural countryside meant dancing and singing were outlets for the artist. She moved to London at 17 to pursue a dancing career, but later dropped out to create music.

FKA Twigs got her start as a back-up dancer for house-hold names like Kylie Minogue and Taio Cruz, and later moved on to creating her own music. She released her debut album in August of this year and will be touring around the United States in November.

We may know that her performance name comes from a long standing nickname that alludes to the way her bones crack, but the singer-songwriter remains mostly a mystery.

Like Pattinson, she likes to keep her personal life under wraps. She even told Billboard magazine she wasn't interested in divulging the intimate details of her life.

"The idea's the idea: It's about what you do, and not who you are," she said. "...When people are talking too much about my parents, or music I grew up with, or what I think about this, I'm like, 'Eh, let's just talk about the actual music.' Because it's much more about what I'm doing."

FKA Twigs was recently nominated for the annual The Barclaycard Mercury Prize, a high honor for UK artists in the alternative genre.

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Robert Pattinson Dating British Singer FKA Twigs
Robert Pattinson Dating British Singer FKA Twigs

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