'Tipsy' man fights off crocodile

'Tipsy' Man Fights Off Crocodile
'Tipsy' Man Fights Off Crocodile

An Australian hunter says having a few drinks definitely helped when he had to fight off a crocodile.

Stephen Moreen, 20, was throwing back a few beers while goose hunting when he was dragged underwater by a 6-foot croc.

Some quick - and apparently inebriated - thinking led him to poke the monster in the eye... and it let him go!

Moreen's cousin apparently shot the animal and the two went back to drinking while they waited for an ambulance.

You don't necessarily need liquid courage to fight off predator like that.

Scott Kelly says his 12-year-old son Matthew survived a vicious attack by a 10-foot alligator while they were spearfishing in Louisiana.

Matthew says he thought his dad was just playing around with him when he felt something grab his leg and pull him underwater, but then he felt the teeth sink in.

His father rushed to save his son, but by the time he got to him, Matthew had already fought off the gator.

"It wasn't really painful because the adrenaline was going on...What I did was just panicked and just opened the gator's mouth. Fight or flight reaction... I guess he just opened up and I got out."

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he got 50 stitches in his leg. Matthew says he doesn't know exactly why the gator let him go, but one thing's for certain - he's very lucky.

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