Meredith Vieira pranks NBC tourists

Meredith Vieira Pranks NBC Tourists
Meredith Vieira Pranks NBC Tourists

The pranks continue on Meredith Vieira's new show. On her first episode, she messed with her interns. This time, she pranked NBC during a tour, complete with real tourists.

First, she got into character. She called herself "Betty," and her new look was complete with a wig, a fake nose and fake teeth.

After some more shenanigans, and Meredith actually bashing her own show disguised as Betty, it was time for the big reveal.

The two unsuspecting tour guides, who were not told about the prank before the tour began, work for NBC. One said Meredith took the cake as most annoying person he's ever given a tour to.

Although Meredith has been on the receiving end of pranking in the past. She called Matt Lauer on the
Ellen Degeneres show, intent on fooling him, but he was in on the prank.

In 2010, Meredith donned the McDonald's uniform and posed as a drive-thru attendant, who was highly annoying. Even The Huffington Post covered it, saying she "did her utmost to be obnoxious."

We have a feeling more pranks are in Meredith's future -- both involving her doing the pranking and her being pranked.

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