Couple together for 65 years, born on the same day

Couple Married For 65 Years Also Share A Birthday

GUYMON, OKLAHOMA - Married for more than 65 years, Geraldine and Tyler Latham have a lot of memories to sort through at their kitchen table.

All the shared experiences in the form of snapshots have made them as familiar as two people can be.

Geraldine chuckles, "Don't you think you can read my mind?" she asks. "Yeah." smiles Tyler. "What's it saying right now?"

But Tyler and Geraldine share something else other than their long life together.

Married with same birthday
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Couple together for 65 years, born on the same day

They also share the same birthday.

"We've always known each other," says Geraldine, "and since we were born on the same day, we thought we just ought to get married."

Back in the winter of 1928 the Latham family ran a dry goods store in downtown Guymon.

The McDonald family had a farm about 10 miles to the northwest in Optima.

Doctor Hays delivered Geraldine first on February 20th, then drove back to town where Tyler's mother was waiting to deliver her son later that day.

Tyler explains, "Everything was done at home in those days."

So began the ties that really bind.

Tyler and Geraldine went to school together every year. They even both attended the same church and Sunday school.

They can both pick themselves out of a class picture taken on their 8th birthdays at Tyler's house.

They also refer to a picture of their senior class at Guymon High School.

By that time they both knew they were meant for each other.

"Why, we just fell in love," says Tyler as Geraldine laughs.

Tyler played a little football at a small college in Gunnison, Colorado but transferred back to Panhandle State in Goodwell, Oklahoma to get his diploma.

The Lathams married in 1949 -- but not on their birthdays.

"We weren't that dumb," giggled Geraldine.

Through the years they always celebrated together, but no one took much notice until a reporter blew in from out of town asking funny questions.

Geraldine said it's "the biggest fuss that's ever been made about our birthdays."

Born on the same day, married on the same day (to each other), always in Guymon, always in the same neighborhood.

Long relationships are built on such familiar things, including very long ones like this.

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