6 ways you're eating McDonald's wrong

6 Ways You're Eating McDonald's Wrong
6 Ways You're Eating McDonald's Wrong

Whether it's the trick to getting hot fries every time, the 'magic' time when you can get breakfast and lunch in one (hint: It's around 10:35 AM), or the reason why 'round eggs' is a smart request, fast food fans are about to start salivating.

Want hot fries every time? Ask for no salt. They'll make a fresh new batch just for you -- then you can salt them yourself.

The poor man's Big Mac:
Instead of a Big Mac, order a McDouble with special sauce, lettuce, pickle and no ketchup or mustard. They're about $2 cheaper, and they don't have that weird middle bun.

Buy them in packs of four. You don't save much by buying larger multiples ... plus you get more free dipping sauce per nugget.

Egg sandwiches:
Don't like liquid eggs? Order your sandwich with a "round egg." It's a 'Grade A' egg cooked in a round pan.

Spice up your mocha! Ask for hot fudge instead of chocolate syrup.

The Mc10:35:
There's a magic window around 10:35 AM when you can mix breakfast and lunch menus, so you can order a McDouble with egg and bacon.

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