Times Square summit between NYPD and costumed characters turns bitter



The NYPD was reportedly blown off by several of the costumed characters trolling Times Square for tourist dollars during a scheduled sit-down earlier this week.

The Wednesday summit took place on the iconic fire engine red bleachers above the Foley Square TKTS booth. It was attended by multiple NYPD officials but many of the panhandlers reportedly skipped it, the rest showed up with a lawyer.

"They said, 'We have nothing to say. Talk to her, [our] rep,'" the source told the New York Post of the heroes-turned-villains who earn cash by posing for pictures with star-struck out of towners.

"The meeting was a waste of time," another police source told the paper. "They were in their little costumes, [and] they didn't give a s**t about what we had to say."

Tensions have flared between Iron Man, Elmo, Mickey Mouse and others as tourists have begun filing harassment complaints and assault charges against the fiery miscreants, many of whom were previously reported by the New York Times to be undocumented immigrants.

NYPD brass took the meeting of the minds seriously, according to the Post. There were meetings with legal reps beforehand to make sure everything was on the up and up.

But Batman showed why he is not the hero Gotham deserves or needs when asked why he did not make the meeting.

"These cops disrespect us so much. They are aggressive and hassle us for no reason. Cops yell at us and say, 'F**k you!' so f**k them back," he snarled at the Post. "They say we are bad, but they can be bad too. So screw them."

He also happened to be in jail for assault after punching a heckler.

Undercover operations have led to several arrests of the creepy characters, including an Elmo photographed on Twitter earlier this week.

New Bill Cracks Down on Times Square Characters
New Bill Cracks Down on Times Square Characters