Theme park removes props that public compared to ISIS beheadings

Theme Park Removes Props Public Compared To ISIS Beheadings
Theme Park Removes Props Public Compared To ISIS Beheadings

Busch Gardens is revising its annual Halloween decorations after offending some customers.

As you can see in the promotional video for the park's "Cut Throat Cove" attraction, Busch Gardens used severed heads as part of its decorations.

The Virginia Gazette reports that its paper featured a front-page photo of those severed heads as part of its report on the annual Halloween-themed celebrations -- and it upset some local readers who felt the images were insensitive.

Insensitive because the attraction's announcement reportedly came only a few short hours after news reports of the beheading of David Haines by terrorist group ISIS.

When the outcry reached Busch Gardens, the theme park apologized and chose to remove the decorations.

The company posted an update on its Facebook page a day ago, saying it would stand by its decision to remove the props, despite "a lot of opinions," adding it "would not want anything in our park to seem insensitive to [the ISIS beheadings]."

As for those opinions, some park-goers didn't feel the decorations were insensitive in the first place. One commenter suggested removing the props meant "letting the terrorists win" by "[disrupting] the lives of Americans." Another was offended by the park's decision to remove the props, not by the props themselves. One stood by Busch Garden's decision, writing, "I think it's very thoughtful."

It looks like Cut Throat Cove will remain open to guests, although with a small revision to its decorations. Busch Gardens is still featuring the attraction on its website.

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