Lazy person's suit: The Suit Onesie

Lazy Person's Suit: The Suit Onesie!
Lazy Person's Suit: The Suit Onesie!

Those of you who just can't stand those hot, sweaty, multi-layered suits can rejoice. The suit onesie is here, and it's not for babies. It's for the big kid in all of us.

It's called The Suitsy. Inventor Jesse Herzog showed off his masterpiece on ABC.

ABC's Robin Roberts said, "He calls it a business suit onesie hybrid."

"I was at work and I was just thinking 'I need a way to look professional, but feel like I'm in my pajamas at the same time,'" Herzog explained.

George Stephanopoulos seemed impressed: "That was awesome."

The suit is up for vote on BetaBrand, which Herzog calls something like the Kickstarter for clothing.

An ABC anchor also brought up a very good point, though ... what happens if you have to pee? Very good question. We don't exactly know, but we're guessing it's a little more awkward than your traditional suit.

Still -- a website geared toward guys called Made Man seems on board with the invention, saying: "This is so wrong it's kind of, sort of, maybe somewhat right."

We figured it was only a matter of time until this adult version of the suit onesie came along.

Babies have been maxing and relaxing in them for years!

We also found some dress suit pjs, but they didn't look nearly as sharp as the Suitsy. If you wanna see more, check it out on BetaBrand.

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