Koala bears have the cutest disagreement

Cute Koalas Fight in Australian Park
Cute Koalas Fight in Australian Park

Two koala bears having a disagreement is a pretty unexpected sight -- and the sounds they make will surprise you, too. It's sort of a mix between a ticked off bird and a clown on helium.

Swedish tourist Elin Nordlander certainly didn't expect to see two koalas chattering angrily at each other when he visited the Great Otway National Park in Victoria, Australia.

Though there's normally nothing sweet or adorable about animals fighting, it's really hard not to smile at this video, especially because it seems like they have a love-hate relationship.

Now you can say you know how it sounds when two koalas duke it out! True, we're not sure when that information will come in handy ... but when it does, you'll be all set.

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