'Kimmel': Kaley Cuoco says her new money makes her uncomfortable

'Kimmel': Kaley Cuoco Says Her New Money Makes Her Uncomfortable
'Kimmel': Kaley Cuoco Says Her New Money Makes Her Uncomfortable

'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live...'

...and said it does make her uncomfortable that the public knows about her new multi-million dollar
paycheck for the show.

"It does make tipping an awkward situation."

Cuoco said she now feels like she should tip everyone -- she even tried to tip a shoe salesman $20 for getting her a different size of shoes.

"I just feel like they're thinking like, 'why isn't she tipping me?' You know? It's just all a different life now," she said.

"What a cross you have to bear," Kimmel quipped.

Yeah, and Kaley could buy a lot of shoes. Her new contract as of August says she'll get $1 million per episode of the show for the next three years.

You can expect some changes to the show too -- bet you noticed Cuoco's short hair. It'll be
addressed in the premiere Sept. 22nd.

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