Is publicly humiliating your kid ever okay?

What's the Deal with Kid-Shaming?
What's the Deal with Kid-Shaming?

Have have you seen photos of "kid-shaming" on your Facebook wall? These stories of parents publicly embarrassing their kids are making headlines when a parent posts a photo online.

Parents take a picture of their child holding up a sign, and the photo is then often posted to social media.

One instance of public shaming made the headlines last week when a Michigan father forced his 4-year-old son to hold up a sign that read "I hit little girls," on the side of a road when he got in trouble at school for hitting his female classmates, according to the Huffington Post.

Actor Andrew Shue has some opinions on the matter.

"I think it's ridiculous," he says. He goes on to argue that shaming your child breaks down any respect that exists within a parent-child relationship, and in addition, it doesn't help a child understand what they did wrong.

"Whatever it is that [a parent wants] to communicate to their kid, doing it that way is not going to be effective," Shue says.

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