Is 'Booty' Jennifer Lopez's raciest music video yet?


Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to strutting her stuff, but this time the 45- year-old singer may have taken it farther than ever before.

J.Lo released her new music video with Iggy Azalea "Booty" on Friday and the super sexy jam is turning heads.

In the video, Lopez and Azalea kick things off cheek-to-cheek in black and white thong leotards, which show off their pert posteriors. The duo spends most of their time dancing and grinding with on one another as the camera pans across their lower halves.

By the middle of the video, things escalate when the "American Idol" judge ends up slathered in body oil and running her hands over her rear assets. Things only get saucier as Lopez changes into a black, mesh two-piece leotard and bends over toward the camera.

Beyond the booty-shakin' there isn't much additional choreography, which is a departure for Lopez, who is known for her spectacular dance moves.

There's no doubt that Lopez has a stunning physique for a mother-of-two, but we can't help but wonder why the multi-talented artist decided to give everyone an up-close-and-personal look at her rear.

We can only guess that she's trying to compete with fellow bootylicious babes like Nicki Minaj, who generated plenty of water cooler chatter over her racy "Anaconda" video, and Beyoncé, who spent the better part of her 2014 Grammy Awards with her rump in the air.

While "Booty" has tongues wagging and critics talking, this may not be the raciest video in J. Lo history. The songstress has made a career of putting her svelte figure on display in numerous compromising positions, dating all the way back to her 2009 hit "Jenny From the Block."

"Jenny From the Block"
In 2009, this video was the talk of the town due to the sexy interaction between Lopez and her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck. The pop powerhouse was clothed for the majority of the music video, but she turned things up a notch when the cameras panned to Affleck caressing her bikini-clad bottom on a yacht.

"Dance Again" f. Pitbull
If the lyrics alone -- "So many ways wanna touch you tonight" -- didn't spell it out enough already, this video is filled with a lot of hot, sweaty, super sexy action. Lopez finds herself in an orgy-like scenario and crosses paths with her real-life dancer ex-boyfriend, Casper Smart. The two partake in some dirty dancing and at one point; the Latin diva is wearing a blindfold. Say no more.

"I Luh Ya Papi"
"I Luh Ya Papi," begins with a conversation between the singer and some gal pals about how men should be objectified more. Naturally, instead of proactively dressed women, this video features half-naked men. Lopez spends much of the 5-minute song in a skin-tight white dress on a yacht, dropping it low, while men in Speedos pour champagne down each other's front sides.

"I'm Into You," f. Lil' Wayne
"I'm Into You," a collaboration with Lil' Wayne, featured Lopez in a bejeweled dress on the beach, alternating between touching herself and spending time with a half-naked man. There is a sufficient amount of booty popping and quite a few up-close shots of Lopez's pouting lips.

"First Love"
"First Love" is Lopez's play on film noir. The black and white video showcases the singer jogging topless across a desert while she waits for her long lost love. When he finally shows up, he promptly unbuttons his shirt and douses his abs in water. J.Lo spends the rest of the music video grinding up against him, and occasionally looking at the camera.