'Boo this man': NFL stars blast Commissioner Roger Goodell for 'pointless' press conference


Roger Goodell's vows to make changes and hold people accountable appear to have fallen on deaf ears as his own players took to Twitter to bash the NFL Commissioner.

Goodell's refusal to tell reporters specifically what former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice told him about the night he knocked out his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City elevator led star players to speak out against him in an unprecedented mutiny.

Goodell repeatedly emphasized that he "got it wrong" and vowed to "get it right," Sydney Rice pounced again.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith also chimed in.

Goodell rehashed a number of points from a Friday morning memo leaked to the media the detailed the league's funding and promotion of two domestic and sexual violence outreach organizations, and also a new player education program, but said little else of substance.

He danced his way around a question from CNN's Rachel Nichols about the possible conflict of interest having former FBI Director Robert Mueller leading an investigation into what the league knew about Ray Rice's infamous night out.

Goodell, at one point, even came across as condescending in explaining due process to Nichols, a veteran NFL reporter.

The press conference was then mercifully ended when a media advisor yanked the flailing commissioner off stage.