'Biggest Loser': Contestant Rob flips out over his health diagnosis

'Biggest Loser': Contestant Flips Out On Doctor Over His Health Diagnosis
'Biggest Loser': Contestant Flips Out On Doctor Over His Health Diagnosis

Contestant Rob lost control on 'The Biggest Loser' Thursday night. When confronted by a doctor with the health issues his weight was causing, Rob walked out, and freaked out.

The doctor urged, "We have to get you to remember this stuff."

Rob yelled back, "I remember, OK? That's why I'm here! That's why I'm here, OK? I know I'm dying in five years. You don't have to remind me!"

That doctor told Rob he was heading towards diabetes and had extremely low levels of testosterone, among other issues. Rob did apologize for yelling, but zap2it andReality Rewind agreed Rob seems to have a lot of emotional issues to work out.

Those emotions showed up again later in the episode. As 26-year-old Rob trained with Dolvett, he started crying again and got upset with the cameras. Dolvett told him, "Take control of you." Rob replied, "I don't know how."

Luckily Dolvett was able to inspire him to work out, and Rob ended up losing an impressive 12 lbs for the week. And Rob got big support from fans on Twitterafter that: they said 'well done,' and one even called him a 'stud.'

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