The most babies are born in the late summer, the least on major holidays


Those of us who feel our birthdays are lumped together with many other people may be right, according to an analysis of birth data from the federal government.

More children are born in America about nine months after winter's coldest days than any other part of the year and the least amount of newborns come into the world on major holidays.

University of Virginia graduate student Dan Lin posted to Reddit a series of charts plotting out the birthrate for every day of the year, major holidays, days of the week and even seasons. The data is culled from 1994-2003 CDC vital records, all numbers are in the thousands.

The months of July, August and September appear to be the most popular for births. Most major holidays have very few births, but Valentine's Day takes the top spot among them.

The most babies are born in the summer, with an average of 12.25 births per day. Winter is not so surprisingly the least popular month for new children, with 11.39.

Days which the most babies are September 12, 18, 25 and 26 – they come about nine months after what are, for many, the harshest days of winter. September 11 also ranks among the days with higher than average birth rates.

New Year's Day, Fourth of July and Christmas rank as the least-likely days Americans will give birth, Lin found. But Valentine's Day and instances of Friday the 13th came in at the top of the list with 12.21 and 11.21 births on average, respectively.

Christmas babies are almost as rare as a white Christmas, Lin found. Only 6.85 children are born across the country each year on December 25.

Tuesday, which averages 12.39 births, is the most popular day to give birth. Sunday, with 7.78 children born each year, is the least.

This journalist's birthday, November 2, ranks among the least popular.

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