On this day in history, Billie Jean King wins the battle of the sexes, September 20, 1973

Today in History For September 20th
Today in History For September 20th

On September 20 in 1973, Billie Jean King, 29, defeated Bobby Riggs, 55, in the "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match. Former no. 1 ranked male tennis player and self-proclaimed chauvinist, Bobby Riggs, claimed that women were inferior and that he could defeat any female, even at his age. 50 million viewers tuned in to watch the match. Billie King's win was a huge advancement to the legitimization for women in sports and women's rights.

Other Events on September 20th:
1934: Sophia Loren was born in Rome, Italy.
1946: The international Cannes Film Festival opened for the first time in the southern France resort town of Cannes.
1984: 12 people were killed at the US Embassy in Beirut as a result of a suicide car bomber attack.
2011: The U.S. Military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy was repealed, allowing gay and lesbian members to serve openly.
2013: Blackberry announced that it would lay off 40% of it's workforce.

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