Missing bachelorette party returns safely home

Missing Bachelorette Party Returns Safely Home
Missing Bachelorette Party Returns Safely Home

A bachelorette party of eight finally returned home to California after being stranded in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the wake of Hurricane Odile. Now their loved ones are ecstatic.

Shaun Sumpter, the husband of one of the bridesmaids, received a phone call from his wife on NBC: "You're landing where? ... You're landing in San Diego right now! WOO!"

The bridal party had lost contact with relatives Monday. So just knowing they're safe brings so much relief.

One of the mothers of the bridesmaids spoke on the phone with her daughter: "I'm so happy, honey. I'm so happy. I love you more than you know."

The bridal party says they were fortunate to get a flight out, but other tourists aren't as lucky.

According to Bureau of Consular Affairs, storm damage has delayed people's travel. "Only a limited number of commercial flights are departing the airport in Los Cabos. Routine commercial flights will be available once the airport fully reopens."

But there was no date given as to when the airport will be back up and functioning.

With an estimated 30,000 tourists stranded, many family and friends had to play the waiting game before hearing from loved ones.

And with news outlets showing video footage of the damage Hurricane Odile caused, you can imagine how terrifying it'd be to not know if your loved ones are OK.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation spot and their bridal party isn't the only group to have a frightening story to tell.

Another bachelorette party of 14 women were also in Cabo when the storm hit.

KABC reports they saw military planes at the airport during the middle of the night. They ran to the airport, boarded the plane and landed Tuesday morning in Mazatlan. They'll hopefully return to the U.S. soon.

There are no reported deaths or serious injuries from hurricane Odile in the Cabo San Lucas region.