Man pays $1K for strangers' meals at Texas Chick-fil-A

Man Pays $1K for Strangers' Meals at Texas Chick-Fil-A
Man Pays $1K for Strangers' Meals at Texas Chick-Fil-A

We've heard stories about this before -- one person paying it forward to pick up the bill on the next several customers cups of coffee, or dry cleaning -- but here's an extreme example.

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According to reports, one man at an Abilene, Texas Chick-Fil-A drive thru dropped $1,000 dollars Monday night -- all to pay for the meals of those in line behind him.

He reportedly did it with ten one-hundred dollar bills too -- so we'll give him style points for that.

Just how far did it go? Well, according to KXAS it kept drive-thru customers paid in full for about the next hour -- helping to serve 88 people.

While the man's actions picked up the tab, they also picked up the spirits of a few of those lucky customers.

A worker told KTAB/WVUE: "We had a lady who had had just an awful day. She received it, we told her what was going on and just started crying in the drive-thru."

The man's motive was apparently just to warm the hearts of a few strangers.

A Chick-fil-A team leader told KTAB/WVUE: "I was, like, 'did you win the lottery today? Like, why are you doing this?' He's like, 'Well, Mondays are tough. I just want to make everyone have a good day.'"

This got us thinking -- what's the most someone has dropped in one of these 'pay it forward' situations?

NECN points to a Starbucks in Newington, Connecticut where not one person, but 450 in a row, supposedly paid for the coffee of the person behind them last December:

"There's nothing like Christmas-time to spread some Christmas cheer. And you never know, someone could be having a horrible day," Chris Barden -- the man who paid it forward -- said.

The Huffington Post also has this heart-warmer. One New Jersey waitress was tipped a cool thousand dollars to put towards surgery for her dog Tucker. Excuse us while we tear up.

Back to our Chick-fil-A hero. According to employees, he only gave the name 'John'. Hmmm, 'John Doe' perhaps?

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