'Girlfriend Intervention' turns busy working mother into hot mama

'Girlfriend Intervention' Turns Busy Working Mother Into Hot Mama
'Girlfriend Intervention' Turns Busy Working Mother Into Hot Mama

On "Girlfriend Intervention," a working mom who lost herself by trying to control everything finally got her individuality and confidence back.

Cortney, a former member of the Army, a nurse and a mother of two, went from scrubs and sweats to ...

"Holy moly! Wow! I didn't know she could look like that!"

Cortney's friends and hubby Jaysen couldn't believe her incredible transformation from frumpy to sexy and fun. And Jaysen said it was amazing to see Cortney get something in return for everything she does for the people in her life.

Cortney's friends and family said she was too controlling, but she also has a lot going on between working and taking care of her kids.

"It's hard sometimes..."

Fans on Twitter thought her makeover was incredible too. Cortney's emotional episode even had fans in tears. And wanting 'interventions' of their own. Looks like letting go a little went a long way for this working mom.

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