Woman's lost Bible found 40 years later

Lost Bible Returned Home More Than Forty Years Later
Lost Bible Returned Home More Than Forty Years Later

How many times have you lost something important? Maybe it was your grandmothers ring, your favorite stuffed animal from when you were a kid or that special memento from your dad. It happens all the time -- but one woman was lucky enough to get her special something back.

For years, Deb Savely searched for a lost Bible given to her by her parents for her seventh birthday. She had kept the Bible with her everyday until 1974 when it fell out of her backpack.

She recently told the Tennessean, "It was like a piece of my heart just broke off. A part of me was gone."

But last month, Betty Gibson came across the Bible in her basement inside a box of debris collected after a 2006 tornado. The inscription on the inside reads, "Presented to Deborah Savely by Mother and Daddy. June 1961." That sparked a search for the rightful owner.

Last week, the Bible was finally returned to Savely who said, "My daddy's infused in that Bible. Whenever I lay my hand on the page, I can feel that big old hand of his come over mine."

Not everyone has a happy ending like Savely, but a story of another very lucky person from last year comes to mind. A Vietnam vet was reunited with a hunting knife given to him by his parents that he lost after a mine explosion in combat. Another serviceman found the knife and decades later managed to track down the owner.

At the time, Sgt. Frank Cybulski told Detroit News, "I just stared at the box for like 10 minutes. I opened it up and pulled the knife out. That's when I started crying."

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