On this day in history, Anthrax scare sent to NBC and the New York Post, September 18, 2001

Today in History For September 18th

On September 18th in 2001, letters that tested positive for anthrax were sent to NBC and the New York Post. The anthrax scare of 2001, killed five people and affected more than a dozen more.

Other Events on September 17th:
1793: George Washington laid the cornerstone to the United States Capital building, the
1851: The first edition of the New York Times was made.
1970: Rock and roll legend, Jimi Hendrix, died at the age of 27 from a drug overdose.
1975: Patty Hearst was captured and arrested for armed robbery, related to the SLA scandal and activities.
2013: The Federal Reserve, in a surprise announcement, decides not to go ahead with tapering policies.

See below for Jimi Hendrix's biography:
Jimi Hendrix - Mini Biography
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