House featured in 'American Gothic' painting vacant again

Iconic 'American Gothic' House Up For Grabs
Iconic 'American Gothic' House Up For Grabs

If farm livin' is the life for you, then get ready to pack your bags. You could soon be hanging out in history's most famous little farm house. The iconic home from Grant Wood's 1930 painting American Gothic is vacant.

"After several weeks of debating how to break the news, I'm just going to come right and say it: I moved out of the American Gothic House. It was an amazing 4 years of pie-, people-, and book-filled adventures," wrote Beth Howard on her company Facebook page yesterday.

Howard's 'Ms. American Pie' cookbook even used the famous facade on the cover, complete with pitchfork. The 'Pie Lady' goes on to say that she's moving on to greener pastures: another farm in Iowa with lots of privacy.

The American Gothic home is nestled in Eldon, Iowa, a town with a population of only 900 people (though it's become quite an attraction for thousands of tourists). According to the American Gothic House Center, located right next door, the home was built around 1881 by the original owners who later lost the place because of overdue taxes.

Over the years several people have lived in the house and most recently Beth Howard says she was only charged $250 a month to rent the iconic space.

"There should be a statute of limitations for how long one can live in a tourist attraction," Howard told the Des Moines Register. "With two books out and with a single woman whose picture is on the cover of a best-selling cookbook, I started to feel a little more vulnerable living there alone."

Howard says she had to keep the curtains drawn most of the time and even had a tourist peeking through the windows on one occasion.

Now, If you're one of the few brave enough to live smack in the middle of a tourist attraction, don't call the movers just yet.

The historical society is still decided whether or not they want to find a new renter for the property.

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