Flautist continues show despite butterfly landing on face

Flutist Continues Show Despite Butterfly Landing On Face
Flutist Continues Show Despite Butterfly Landing On Face

A butterfly landed on a flautist's nose in the middle of an international flute competition.

But like a pro, Yukie Ota didn't flinch and kept playing like nothing had happened. Nice try stealing the show, though, butterfly.

At the end of her piece, she quietly shoos the butterfly off her face. Reporters were impressed with the Chicago-based flautist's composure:

ABC reports, "I think she looks like a Disney princess."

NBC says, "Isn't that good luck? I would think that's really good luck."

Disney princesses and good luck aside, science may have an explanation for it.

Butterflies are attracted to salt. And you know what has salt in it? Human sweat. So, yeah, that butterfly may have just been lapping up some salty goodness from Ota's brow. Mmmm.

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