'DWTS' reveals Derek Hough's audition tape

'DWTS' Reveals Derek Hough's Audition Tape
'DWTS' Reveals Derek Hough's Audition Tape

A serious throwback on 'Dancing With the Stars.' The show revealed star Derek Hough's audition tape.

"I'm a world Latin American champion. I love entertaining, I love entertaining people. I love to see people being entertained. Therefore, I enjoy entertaining. How many times did I say that? Way too many times."

One thing today's Derek was entertained by? Twenty-one-year-old Derek's hair. He couldn't believe what it used to look like.

But on Twitter, fans were all 'long hair, don't care.' They said Derek's 2006 casting tape was cute, hilarious, and, of course - entertaining.

Sister and judge Julianne Hough was loving it too.

And the #DWTS was trending well into Tuesday night on Twitter...

Which may mean more solid ratings. Monday night's premiere got 13.5 million viewers for ABC.

Yeah, looks like millions of people saw that tape, Derek. And this face.
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