Does your city have enough doctors?

The top 25 US cities that have an abundance of doctors:

The top 25 US cities that don't have enough doctors:

No matter where you live, you've likely had trouble getting a doctor's appointment more than once in your life. And if you live in certain cities, that wait has potential to be dangerously long, especially as the shortage of doctors continues to grow (By some estimates, we may be 130,000 doctors short by 2025.).

A new survey, the Health Opportunity Index, reveals which cities have an abundance of doctors and which do not have enough, based on each city's population.

Atlanta comes in second for cities least affected by the doctor shortages, but you'd never guess who tops that list. Meanwhile, Chicago, Indianapolis and Memphis aren't quite as lucky -- with low numbers of doctors for their populations. Still, none are quite as bad as the number one city, which has 912 residents per primary care doctor, almost double that of the runner-up. Find out the worst city for population-doctor ratio and see the full rankings in the slideshows above.