'Destination America': What kind of house $300K gets you across the country

'Buying Alaska': $300k Homes Across America

Ever wondered what kind of house $300,000 could get you across the country? That chunk of change can buy you some very varied options depending on where you are in our enormous nation.

What $300,000 gets you across the US
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'Destination America': What kind of house $300K gets you across the country
Your Alaskan cabin awaits ...
Inside your Alaskan digs.
How about a home on stilts in Louisiana?
Lots of light in this Louisiana spot.
In Florida, you get all this outside.
A nice porch in your Florida house.

In Alaska ...
A remote cabin on five acres of property might be ideal for its remoteness and breathtaking views, but that also means you need to drive an hour to get to a grocery store or hospital. (It is, however, only a 15 minute flight.) This Alaskan house also comes equipped with a two-plane garage and an outhouse. Inside the spacious Alaskan cabin are real hardwood floors, a master loft, bunk beds and (of course) a bathroom.

In Louisiana ...
Your house may be on 14-foot stilts to keep out the water from storms. Underneath the house is a fenced in area, a perfect place for raising pigs. The inside of the cabin may be small to Louisianian, but in Manhattan it would be a palace. The house has a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and master bedroom.

In Florida ...
Right on the water, your house can come with a private boat slip ... and if you want the look of grass without the hassle of upkeep, this house comes with astroturf in the backyard, in addition to the real grass in the spacious front yard. The inside of the house is nice and spacious with a big kitchen with extensive counter space, and the back porch is an enclosed tiki hut with a grass roof.

Which house would you go for if someone handed you a cool $300,000? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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