Ark. woman calls police on stuffed tiger

Ark. Woman Calls Police On Stuffed Tiger
Ark. Woman Calls Police On Stuffed Tiger

An Arkansas woman got the fright of her life when she called police to report a dead tiger on the side of the road. When the police got a close-up look they realized it wasn't dead, it was just... stuffed.

The Bryant Police Department posted on its Facebook page that the woman "Stopped to take pictures of the animal, but was scared to approach it."

What's a tiger doing on a roadside in Arkansas? Well, police got to the bottom of that and more once they arrived on scene.

Thankfully the woman wasn't in any danger, since the tiger was actually a stuffed animal. Police seemed to have a fun time taking it to the station, posting a photo of it hanging out the window of a police cruiser.

We'll give this woman the benefit of the doubt, though, after learning this isn't the first time authorities have been called to apprehend a stuffed jungle cat.

The Guardian reports multiple callers feared a white tiger in a field in England back in 2011. Roads were actually cleared, air support called in and tranquilizers were at the ready.

When the tiger was rolled over, and air support confirmed no heat was being emitted, it became obvious it was a toy.

In 2012, Houston firefighters rushed to rescue a eight-foot tiger perched atop an abandoned hotel. After realizing it wasn't real they proceeded to take turns being attacked by it.

Sounds like it's best to keep those stuffed, cuddly creatures on your bed instead of the street.

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