America's 'smartest' city is...

America's 'Smartest' City Is...
America's 'Smartest' City Is...

America's brainiest city? According to the personal finance resource site WalletHub -- it's Ann Arbor, Michigan.

HLN reports: "It's home to the smartest people in the country..."

And home, of course, to the University of Michigan.

Now -- "smartest" might not be the most accurate term to describe the survey findings. Unless you consider being "most college-educated" the equivalent of "smartest."

WalletHub used Census Bureau and Labor Statistics data to analyze things like:
- How many adults had a high school diploma, college education, graduate or professional degrees
- Number of doctors per capita
- Number of workers in engineering, science and computer fields

It seems "America's Smartest" is a title more than one city can claim -- depending on who's making the list.

Just last year in fact -- a different site gave Stanford, California the same label.

The methodology of that survey was a lot different though. The cognitive training site Lumosity actually put residents to the test and ran them through memory and attention exercises.

There is a common thread among both surveys' findings -- namely, that college towns tended to rank pretty highly. Which is probably not that surprising.

Wallet Hub's top four were:
- Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)
- Raleigh, NC (North Carolina State University)
- Durham, NC (Duke University)
- Provo, UT (Brigham Young University)

And the least educated? According to the list:
- Rockford, Illinois
- Salinas, California
- Beaumont, Texas

10 cities that landed at the bottom of the list:

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