Woman dies after jumping into crocodile pond

Woman Dies After Jumping Into Crocodile Pond
Woman Dies After Jumping Into Crocodile Pond

A woman in Thailand is said to have committed suicide by leaping into a pond of crocodiles at a farm in Bangkok.

Wanpen Inyai reportedly jumped from a walkway early Friday morning where visitors usually view the deadly animals.

The BBC reports the pond contained hundreds of crocodiles. Staffers attempted to save the woman but they were unsuccessful.

The zoo is described as the world's largest crocodile farm featuring more than 100,000 fresh and saltwater individuals. Visitors can also see tigers, lions, elephants and other exotic animals.

Staffers also perform with the animals, putting on shows for visitors.

Inyai's family tried to file a missing persons report before her death, but investigators refused to investigate until 24 hours had passed. Her sister told police she had been suffering from stress and depression.

This is the third suicide at the popular tourist attraction. A woman jumped into the same pond in 2002 and another suicide occurred a decade before that.

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