Stunt plane crash lands into sea as onlookers watch

Stunt Plane Crash Lands Into the Sea
Stunt Plane Crash Lands Into the Sea

Aerobatics pilot Martin Keller was lucky to walk away after his plane crash landed in the sea in Guatemala on Sunday, September 14th.

This video shows the first, successful part of the show, when Keller soars through the air to the applause of onlookers below. But then, as the biplane attempts to complete a loop, something goes wrong. Keller's plane dives directly toward the sea, skimming the surface of the water as stunned people on shore watch.

Guatemalan news website Prensa Libre reported that the pilot Martin Keller was unharmed in the accident, save for some cuts and bruises.

The Daily Mail writes that the pilot was reportedly performing stunts in a Stearman Model 75 biplane.

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