Rabid bat attacks man playing guitar

Rabid Bat Attacks Man Playing Guitar
Rabid Bat Attacks Man Playing Guitar

Like a bat out of hell, as the song goes ... or perhaps it simply didn't like the music. Either way, an aggressive bat recently attacked a man strumming his guitar in the Oregon woods. A group of friends were enjoying their campsite before the bat approached.

Derrick Skou was playing his guitar when out of nowhere a bat landed on his shirt. It seems as though the creature targeted Skou because it circled him before flying straight towards his upper chest and biting him near the shoulder. Once Skou realized what happened, he cringed and clutched the bat that had crawled up his neck. Skou recalled, "It was like a cold dog nose. It was a cold bat nose, mouth, whatever. It didn't sting. I wasn't injected with anything. It was just a cold bite."

The bat flew up into a tree and then attempted to bite Skou two more times. One of his friends shot the creature with a BB gun. Skou took the bat to multiple health officials who ultimately determined it had rabies. He is now receiving treatment and is fortunately expected to be okay.

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