Man-eating leopard terrorizes Indian town

Man-Eating Leopard Terrorizes Indian Town
Man-Eating Leopard Terrorizes Indian Town

Residents of a town in northern India are sticking to an early curfew because of a particular man-eating leopard.

The leopard reportedly preys on drunk men stumbling home from a night out. It recently claimed its 12th victim. A leading conservationist and head of the Wildlife Protection Society of India says the leopard usually attacks dogs but the inebriated men are easier to prey on.

Now villagers in the Didihat region of the Himalayas have taken to carrying sticks and walking home before the sun sets, at least until someone can successfully kill or capture the cat.

Leopards have often posed a terrifying problem to residents in Indian towns.

In February, citizens of Meerut were terrorized by one of the wild cats that was on the loose in the town for several days. At least seven people were injured by the leopard and a massive hunt was launched.

That same leopard reportedly turned up in another the following month and attacked two people before fleeing again.

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