Lolo Jones unleashes frustration on first week of 'DWTS,' earns a spot on E!'s 'cringeworthy' list

Olympian LoLo Jones Has Awkward Meltdown On 'DWTS' Premiere
Olympian LoLo Jones Has Awkward Meltdown On 'DWTS' Premiere

A dramatic start for this season of 'Dancing With the Stars' - athlete LoLo Jones didn't hide her frustration when her performance didn't go as planned.

"You gotta kill it. You gotta find that beat."

"I make no excuses. It was awful. I'm surprised I was even able to get back with it. It's not..."

Jones' face said it all. She even demonstrated the dance moves again in the middle of her critique to prove she could do them. And missed, or maybe rejected, her partner's high-fives when they got their score - a 22 out of 40.

The awkwardness earned LoLo's performance the top spot on E!'s 'most cringeworthy' list for the night.

EW dubbed her a deer in the headlights during her dance.

And The Wall Street Journal pointed out Jones says she doesn't make excuses...except that she made an excuse. She said a missed sound effect threw her off at the start of the dance.

One other potential problem: Jones has proudly proclaimed she's a virgin - the 32-year-old is waiting until marriage to have sex.

And she told her partner during rehearsals that her lack of intimacy with men might make dancing difficult.

So, will Jones make it past the first week? The results show airs Tuesday.

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