Hotel offers divorce packages

Hotel Offers Divorce Packages
Hotel Offers Divorce Packages


New York divorces could be as easy as: check in married, check out divorced.

The last word used to describe divorce would be "relaxing," but a company is trying to change that.
A Netherlands based company teamed up with Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa in Saratoga Springs, New York to offer divorce packages.

Included in the $5,000 divorce package are 2 separate rooms, and a mediator to guide the couple to the terms of an amicable divorce agreement. Between mediation sessions the couple can enjoy the resort's golf courses, hiking trails, or spa services like a massage, facial, and body wrap.

The goal of the divorce package is to have the terms of the divorce ironed out by Sunday, so the only thing left to do is get a judge's stamp on the signed paperwork.

Though it's known as a wedding destination, Gideon Putnam Resort may become a destination for the end of a marriage, because any US citizen desiring a speedy divorce can use this service as long as they agree to use the provided mediators and lawyers. A spokesperson for the hotel says they will be sensitive to keeping weddings and divorces in different parts of the resort.

Judging from the amenities on the brochure, some people's divorce hotel may be nicer than their honeymoon suite!


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