Facebook user claims to have poisoned ODU roommate?

Police Investigate 'Confession' on Facebook Page
Police Investigate 'Confession' on Facebook Page

Norfolk, Va. -- Is it real or fake? An anonymous post to a Facebook page describes poisoning a college roommate with cystic fibrosis. Old Dominion University police are investigating, asking Facebook to release the user's identity.

WTKR reports: "I have done things like put laxative in her soup or alcohol in her drink" -- This is part of an anonymous Facebook post to the page ODU Confessions.

The sender, who has since deleted their Facebook account, writes about poisoning her female roommate who has cystic fibrosis.

"Usually I'm right about the posts, but this one kind of slipped," says the administrator for ODU Confessions, who has chosen to remain anonymous. The post was sent in a message to page's administrator. At first glance, he says, the post seemed innocent enough.

The beginning lines read: "I've fallen in love with my roommate. I am not intimately or sexually in love with her, but I have a desire to emotionally connect with her."

However, later on the language becomes much more troubling: "Sometimes I put in OTC (over the counter) drugs to induce nausea...all because I want to see her ill and be there for her."

When the poster writes of the ill roommate not showing gratitude, they write: "If you betray me like that again, I have the mind to beat your little ass into a coma."

In a search warrant, ODU police say they worry the drugs could cause a potentially fatal reaction. Investigators are requesting for Facebook to release the user's identity, along with associated IP addresses and biographical data.

Of course, there is a chance this is all just a hoax.

"Given like the environment of being anonymous, it could be real," the administrator says. "Crazy people do exist. Even if it's not real, the person needs to talk to someone."

Since he started ODU confessions, the administrator says the page has become an outlet for students to vent, but the anonymous site also has its downsides.

"The internet brings more good than it does harm, [but] we all know there's a lot of dark side to the internet," he says.

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