Eisenhower's watch may fetch $1 million auction

Eisenhower's Watch May Fetch $1M at Auction
Eisenhower's Watch May Fetch $1M at Auction

People had a rare opportunity to see President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Rolex watch today. The famous watch was gifted to Eisenhower for his role in ending World War II. It was on display at Bellman's Jewelers in Manchester and may be the first and last time it will be on public display before its auctioned off this coming week. The presale estimate is more than $1 million.

Bobby Livingston of RR Auction explains, "It was gifted to Eisenhower in 1950. And on the back of it you can see five stars. And on the day he became head of NATO, he was gifted with a Rolex for saving Europe from Naziism."

Eisenhower gave the watch to sergeant John Moaney who was served as his valet for nearly 30 years. Moaney then passed it on to his wife who served Eisenhower's cook.

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