Dress code yields 200 detentions in 2 weeks

Staten Island Students Protest School's New Dress Code
Staten Island Students Protest School's New Dress Code

Staten Island students protest school's new dress code

You've heard the phrase "dress for success" but a New York high school's new dress code based on that idea might be holding kids back instead...

Tottenville High School on Staten Island implemented the clothing code recently and already a reported 200 students have gone to detention for violating it.

The "Dress for Success" handbook says no tank tops, short-shorts, leggings, hats, hoodies and even sweats. So unless they look like they work in finance or gearing up to be a soccer mom, students are sent to the dean's office.

Many parents believe it unfairly targets female students...partly because they make up 90 percent of those in detention.

School administrators say inappropriate styles "interfere with the learning and teaching process" ... but so does sending the majority of your students to time out.

According to the New York Post the students are protesting the dress code by... well... dressing how they want. One parent called the school's principal, who introduced the idea, a "total control freak" and explained the "...students are rebelling to the point of basically wearing undergarments." He also said he's considering a class-action lawsuit against the school.

Other parents said they didn't mind the dress code because some students apparently dress like they're training to work at a strip club.

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