Boxer Floyd Mayweather allegedly leaves no tip for $25,000 bill

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Skips Tip On $25,000 Bill
Boxer Floyd Mayweather Skips Tip On $25,000 Bill

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to bad press. Along with news he's losing gamblers' interest and becoming less popular overall and some calling for a boycott of his fights over domestic violence charges -- now the wealthy boxer is being accused of skipping out on a tip.

According to several reports, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a group of nearly 150 people racked up a bill of more than $25,000 at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and then proceeded to leave ... without leaving a tip.

According to TMZ, the order included $600 worth of chicken wings, 20 bottles of Rose champagne totaling $11,500 and several other types of alcoholic beverages.

To be fair, we have yet to see a photo of the receipt proving he didn't tip. But if it's true, that $25,000 worth of un-tipped service isn't the only thing the media seems to take issue with.

Mayweather's group was apparently celebrating his big win against Marcos Maidana. In defeating Maidana, Mayweather earned "at least $32 million for the fight," according to USA Today.

So the boxer brings in $32 million and might have failed to tip on his $25,000 bill -- it adds a little fuel to the ire.

But a report from Complex Magazine provides an interesting bit of information: "Mayweather didn't pay a cent. The hotel ended up comping him for the service, and, whether out of ignorance or a lack of empathy, Mayweather decided not to leave Nyugen any sort of tip."

In discussing the event this morning, one Fox News anchor brought up another point.

Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends says, "Wasn't the service included in the bill? ... You know, at the average restaurant if you've got more than eight people they automatically put it on. I bet it was automatically tagged on."

Mayweather isn't the only professional athlete getting dogged for the faux pas recently.

Professional football player LeSean McCoy was in the hot seat last week for leaving a 20 cent tip on a $62 bill. McCoy later called the tip a "statement" in response to poor service. The receipt is allegedly up on eBay.

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