10 questions with Jennie Garth on 'The Jennie Garth Project'

Jennie Garth is probably best known for living a posh life as Kelly Taylor on"90210," but she'll be the first to tell you that her Beverly Hills days are firmly in the past.

"It seems so long ago," Garth dished to AOL about her stint as Taylor.

A lot has changed for Garth since her early fame. The 42- year-old mother of three split with her husband of 12 years Peter Facinelli last year and is now embracing her new life as a single mom. She's also headed back to television this fall with a new HGTV home renovation show aptly named, "The Jennie Garth Project." The show documents the perky star's venture as she gut-renovates a 1970s ranch home in Los Angeles's Studio City neighborhood for her and her daughters.

Here's 10 questions with the self-described "HGTV junkie" on how she's moved from stilettos and swanky zip codes to construction boots, hammers, and HGTV stardom.

1. What made you want to document your latest home renovation on HGTV?
I'm a junkie for HGTV; it's on my TV all the time even when I am not watching it. Also, I wanted to empower women to do what I did. The home remodeling and construction world is pretty much a man's world and there's no reason for that in my mind.

2. What made you choose this house for your show?
This particular house, it was basically the land and the footprint. It was pretty much a blank slate. Everything needed to be redone on it down to the irrigation and fixtures. So, I gutted it.

3. How long did it take you to finish this home renovation project?
I did not do all the work myself. That would have taken me eight years. This was only a year of my life. I was basically delegating and participating in every aspect that I could.

4. What was the hardest part of renovating?
There were things that were physically really tough for me as a woman with boobs and not enough muscle. Also, I was working full-time so there were times when I couldn't do as much as I wanted as quickly as I wanted. Waiting for the architects and the permits taught me patience when really I have very little.

5. Is this your permanent residence now?
I built this house for the girls and myself; this is our space. It is very much our personalities, down to the last board. That's the most awesome part about gutting a house is being able to do that.

6. Did your three daughters get to make any major design decisions?
Yes. Everyone has something to say about something. My oldest didn't want to go modern at all. My littlest girl was very specific about all of the park-like equipment that she wanted in her room. It was a challenge. I wanted them to have rooms that felt like they were reflective of who they are.

7. Would you ever renovate houses full-time?
It's my number one thing -- aside from my kids, I love design and houses. I'd rather read an Architectural Digest than a fashion magazine any day of the week. I hope to do it not just for myself, but also for other people.

8. Which HGTV stars would you want on the show?
Property Brothers. I totally want them to come over and check out my place.

9. What's one design project you would never try?
I don't ever want to build a high rise. I don't want to be responsible for that.

10. What's one dream home project?
My dream and possibly one of my next projects is to do a lake house. I am looking at different places right now. I just like the American-ness of a lake house.

The Jennie Garth Project premieres Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9p/8c