Tom Selleckat (a cat) looks just like Tom Selleck

Tom Selleckat, The Cat The Looks Just Like Tom Selleck
Tom Selleckat, The Cat The Looks Just Like Tom Selleck

While Actor Tom Selleck can currently be seen on the CBS crime drama "Blue Bloods," Tom Selleckat can be seen prowling a home in New Jersey.

The Oriental short hair -- named Stache -- was brought home by owner Christine Gonzalez when he was just seven months old. Soon after she started posting pictures of him online, commenters pointed out how the now 10-month-old old cat looks just like "Magnum P.I." star Tom Selleck.

Suddenly, just like Selleck himself, Stache became something of a celebrity. His photos have been viewed more than 600,000 times.

Gonzalez told The Telegraph, "He is certainly no ordinary cat and the fact that his colouring with a full moustache is so unique make him an instant hit with everybody."

Fittingly, Stache was born in November, the month many men across the globe take part in Movember, an annual event where men grow a mustache to raise awareness for men's health issues. If they're looking for a mascot, it appears we've found the perfect one!

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