Skyscrapers built on radioactive site in Australia

Skyscrapers Built on Radioactive Site in Australia
Skyscrapers Built on Radioactive Site in Australia

Like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, the renderings for three new futuristic residential towers in Brisbane, Australia are very cool looking. But, these buildings supposedly sit on a potentially radioactive piece of land.

Award-winning architect Zaha Hadid recently released images of her latest design called the 'Toowong' development. The land's former tenant, Australia's ABC radio network, say they left due to concerns over radiation linked to some cases of cancer.

As the Brisbane Times reported in 2008, the site was home to a uranium processing plant between 1911 and 1916. The company produced products used to paint luminous clocks, watches and instrument dials.

A 2008 Australian government investigation of the ABC radio building concluded that ventilation was adequate enough and did not reach unsafe levels. Maybe potential tenants will see past the history because of the sleek, eye-popping design?

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