On this day in history, Lehman Brothers file for bankruptcy, September 15th, 2008

Today in History for September 15th
Today in History for September 15th

On September 15th in 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection. This was the largest filing in U.S. History.

Other Events on September 15th:
1963: 4 African American girls were killed in a church bombing in Alabama during a Sunday Service.
1972: A federal grand jury in Washington indicted 7 men in connection with the Watergate scandal under President Nixon's administration.
1984: Prince Harry was born in Paddington, London, UK.
2004: The NHL agreed to lock out it's players. The entire season for 2004-05 was eventually cancelled.
2013: Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, was crowned Miss America in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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