Minnesota Vikings fan seen at game wearing Adrian Peterson jersey while carrying a switch



A Minnesota Vikings fan wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey and carrying a switch at the team's stadium during Sunday's game has set off a firestorm.

The unidentified woman wore Peterson's number 28 with a Viking helmet, purple Zumiez pants and sandals while carrying a three-foot tree branch – only two days after the beleaguered running back was indicted for child abuse.

Peterson turned himself in to Texas authorities early Saturday morning to face a single charge of injury to a child after he reportedly beat his four-year-old son with a branch. Tree branches are also referred to as switches when they are used for corporal punishment.

The best running back in the league, Peterson was deactivated by the Vikings after it was reported that he told police he grabbed the thin tree branch and struck the boy about 10 times.

Authorities released photos Friday of the boy's buttocks and pegs covered in blood, scratches and brusies.

The charge shocked many as it came only two years after it was revealed another son the former All-Pro had with an exotic dancer in North Dakota was beaten to death by the woman's boyfriend.

Peterson had reportedly only been told of the child a few months prior to his death.

A team spokesperson was not able to be reached by AOL News, but told ESPN that no decision has been made on Peterson's future.

"At the end of the weekend we will discuss what we will do going forward,' said general manager Rick Spielman. "You don't want to make any knee-jerk reactions. All options are on the table."

One of those options is said to be terminating Peterson's contract.

Not all fans feel Peterson intended to badly injure his young son.

"I don't think he was trying to abuse his child," Nick Novak told the Associated Press. "I think he was trying to punish the child for wrongdoing. He did cross a line though."

Rachel Fricke called the beating "a simple mistake," in comments to the AP, but said "I'm still going to support him."

That was of no comfort to many people who saw the image of the seemingly proud woman as she grinned while holding her stick and wearing Peterson's jersey.

"Roger Goodell must be proud," read the cover of Monday's New York Daily News.

Many people on Twitter called the display "disgusting" and "awful," others tweeted "Minnesota proud."

Sunday's games capped what many have called "the worst week in NFL history" after TMZ made public Monday a video from inside the Atlantic City elevator where Ray Rice knocked out then-fiancée Janay Palmer.

Rice was immediately cut from the team and suspended indefinitely. He is now appealing the suspension.

The league then spent the remainder of the week refuting reports it had the Rice video as far back as April.

Many prominent figures are now calling for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign, and a significant majority of those responding to an AOL News poll agree.

Goodell has given no indication he is even considering the notion.

Oh, and, the Peterson-less Vikings were beaten 30-7 by the New England Patriots.

Viking's Adrian Peterson Indicted on Child Abuse Charges
Viking's Adrian Peterson Indicted on Child Abuse Charges

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