'WWHL': Meredith Vieira (jokingly) slings major mud at Matt Lauer

'WWHL': Meredith Vieira Slings Major Mud at Matt Lauer
'WWHL': Meredith Vieira Slings Major Mud at Matt Lauer

On "Watch What Happens Live," Meredith Vieira was jokingly assigned to come up with interview questions for different celebrities, including some of her former co-workers.

Host Andy Cohen asked Meredith, "What about your old co-star Matt Lauer? What would you ask him?"

Her reply? "Who did you screw to get your job?"

Quite the little jab at 'Today' show's Lauer! But Lauer had his fun with Meredith on a recent edition of 'Today.' She filled in for Savannah Guthrie, and he jokingly described her as his "worst nightmare."

Joking aside, the two have a hilarious relationship, and obviously get a real kick out of each other.

Vieira's life is kind of a dream right now, though. She's busy with her new talk show, which HuffPost dubbed "hilarious," calling it, " ... all the Meredith you could want. (And we love Meredith so we want lots of her.)"

Fans agreed by sounding off on Twitter - some even said she's one of the best talk show hosts out there. She recently pranked her interns, and the Internet went wild. The poor employees were convinced that they'd have to "make liquor runs," and were told that "once you get past all the little rules, [Meredith is] amazing ... when she's sober." As you can see, the host is just as comfortable making fun of herself.

Oh, and just to circle back to those interview questions, Kathie Lee and Hoda didn't get off so easy, either. Meredith's question for them? "Do you sweat Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio?"

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