Little girl sleepwalks for three miles

Girl, 4, Sleepwalks 3 Miles

A woman in Norway got a surprising call from police early one morning saying they had found her niece -- but she had no idea her niece was even missing.

The girl, who is just 4 years old, was staying with her aunt while her mother was on holiday. She says she had a dream that the house was on fire and sleepwalked 3 miles from Hjellplassen all the way to Nordkappveien.

Her family says it's not unusual that she sleepwalks, but this case is special considering the distance and because she was able to stay asleep for so long in the cold weather.

Fortunately, she was found unharmed. Sleepwalking can be incredibly dangerous, especially when the sleeper goes outside.

Earlier this month emergency responders in Kentucky say a man sleepwalked off a cliff.

The camper fell 60 feet off a cliff at Red River Gorge and was seriously injured. fortunately he's expected to make a full recovery.

The man, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio, was camping with friends over the weekend. They say he has a history of sleepwalking and when they noticed he wasn't at the campsite in the middle of the night they called 911.

Officials are calling this a miracle.

"It's just really a miracle because he fell 60 feet into boulders. If he had hit one of the boulders it certainly, in my opinion, would have had a different outcome. so very, very fortunate that he survived this."

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